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What are SMART goals and why do they work?

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timely. Studies have shown that people who use SMART goals are more likely to succeed in their quest for better health, ideal weight, and a sense of joy and fulfillment in daily life. By crafting SMART goals, you will obtain clear, concise feedback regarding your progress. Here are some examples of SMART goals:


I want to lose weight. I want to eat more vegetables. By comparison, goals such as “I want to be in better shape. I want to eat healthier” are less focused.


I want to lose 25 pounds. I want to be able to complete a 10K race.


(Behaviors that result in change.) I will ride my bike and lift weights. I will eat salad for lunch instead of a sandwich.


I will take the beginner’s aerobics class.


T - Time-bound
Having a deadline will move you ahead more rapidly, so set some up for each goal. Include both short and long-term goals. And when you complete a specific, action step within the realistic time frame you have allotted, celebrate!!!

You will leave each session with several well-crafted SMART goals. These small increments lead to permanent positive changes